Hiking trail

Cycles 2048s. Blender only - no addons used. Volumetric atmosphere + HDRI clouds. Little render color correction with Gimp.


Hi there, I find it to be really great. Serious Far Cry 5 vibes going on from Hope County :smile:
One little note: some trees and more varied foliage could help a lot, but the ground I find generally fitting, maybe a few green patches can help.
But really great overall, keep going :blush:

It is because i have used scatter instead of particles. It is a hill without trees because it is top of high hill. Actually my biggest concern is the lighting and colors now.

I see, then it makes sense now. :blush:
I think your lightning is good, I love the colours, they are kinda saturated, which I usually love more than pale shades. So overall pretty good :blush:

I have updated it by adding more varied plants.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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