Himalaya Shrine

An attempt to recreate the high-altitude ambiance.

Awesome piece! If I had to critique anything is that the mountain on the left doesn’t feel like its at a proper scale, it might be because I can see too much of the bump in the snow. If it was really far away it would be harder to see those types of details. Other than that the color correction I really enjoy! Great job on the grass too.

TL;DR: Too much focus, needs to be out of focus(DOF).

Thank you! I tried to fake this focus with aerial perspective but I think I was too gentle.

I made a short animation.

first image captures the atmo very well.shrine looks very realistic.

awesome animation! How did you do the texture for the shrine?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

For shrine I used a mixture of plaster concrete and cracks. I also used dirty vertex color to add dust, leaks and highlight the edges (same for stones).

It looks amazing