Hinged door Help.

I need help creating hinges for a gate in a game im creating.
the two red circles are where i want the hinges to be. they need to be two way hinges. is there any ways i can do this without python. (i will do python, but i want an easier way.) someone help!

The game engine uses Physics right?

Doesn’t that mean you need to learn Rotational Equilibrium in Physics to create hinges or at least the programming side of it?

What?!? I dont get it?

  • Enter edit mode and select all the vertices of each door.

  • Move all the vertices sideways until the center point of the object lies where you want your hinge to be.

  • Leave edit mode.

  • Use a Rot IPO curve to open & close the door.

With the new vertions of BGE it ise too easy to create a hinge. Download a preview and check it out. With the new previews you do not need to write a script for a hinge.

Wolf with the new vertions of BGE that uses Bullet Physics Lib you do not have to learn almost anything. Check it out. BGE is turning to be a very good Game Engine and Game Editor.

tarkata play a litle bit with one of the previews of the thread that I told you. Download and the test files to see how it is doned.

ST150 : This way the door will not be a physics object. A better way to do what ST150 sayed is to Enter the edit mode. Select the edge you wand , press Shift + S , 4 to move the cursor to the selection. Exit edit mode. press Space go to transforme -> Center Cursor. But remember that this way you change the center of the object.