Hip-Hop dancer caught by surprise

Inspired by one of the tjentom’s Devianart works (http://tjentom.deviantart.com/art/Effi-da-hip-hop-dancer-497341582), I decided to do my own version of a Hip-Hop dancer. Doesn’t equate to tjentom’s work, but I enjoyed doing.

Made in Blender and Rendered in Cycles


Any constructive criticism is welcome. I need to know where to improve.

Love it, the clothes look really good as well.

this is great! i cannot spot anything to critique, she looks just perfect. the only nitpick would be her hair, it looks at the right bottom quite “fluffy” while on her head directly more straight… but i cannot advise how to go aabout this, hair is my weak spot… anyway, you really did your inspiration image justice, and pulled it off very well.

Thank you all :slight_smile: . @doris, I agree with you, I also saw this, but I needed a second opnion. I’m adjusting.


yes! this is well done :slight_smile:

I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I like to improve the works in 3D. The last image the hair has split ends.

Really nice! I like the hair a lot. :slight_smile:

Thank you @David_McDermott. But I did some changes. I hope I hadn’t messy:

This looks great! I love the character. :slight_smile: The hair looks much better BTW.

Thank you @ShadowCamero :slight_smile: . I’m glad you liked.

The hair still seems ‘noisy’. This is probably due to large number of particles with a ‘realistic’ hair size. I would suggest increasing the size of the hair and have it as a tube (shape -1 to give a strand of constant width). By increasing the size you should not have the same kind of ‘noise’ that can be seen in all of the renders.

@BiggR, I followed your recommendations, I have increased 30% the thickness of the strand and put the shape -1. Has greatly reduced the noise. But it seems the Render time increased (I think I know how to solve).

With bilateral blur:

wow! this is going from amazing to excelence! i really like how you cought her emotion, very expressive! Congrats

Thanks @Moigradeanu. Glad to know.

Before leaving to change the page, I would like only show a Photomaton of the model.

Amazing ! :slight_smile:

It looks very well done, and the hair has improved much since the first post. Your ability to pose the character is also incredible. Very good work.

Its fantastic! I dont even know where to start off with praising this. Incredible! The emotions look so convincing and so perfect! Great work dude… Cheers