Hire Blender talent for small contract work

I’m looking for someone that is interested in creating a handful of very simple models with Blender that can be loaded into a Flash application using Papervision3D. From the art I’ve seen in the communities, I’m not downplaying the simplicity of what I need. I’m talking about cubes, 3d text, and other small 3d interface “widgets”, not large scenes. Ideally, this person would not mind serving as a consultant, answering my “newbie” questions about Blender and other general 3D modeling terms/techniques/capabilities, etc. Can someone point me to the right forum to find someone that is interested.

See these all 3D Animations are done in Blender and using 3rd party softawre converted into Flash swf
See the work here, All is done in Blender. I hope you will like it.
Link is here http://blender3d.patricia.googlepages.com/index.html
You can see my other Blender work in my signature

if its really that so simple .you can do it yourself too .

it will take you few hours to learn the basics and enivronment .and few other minutes how to extrude or make 3D font .with learning that ,you can help your self at any time.