Hiring 3D Artists for feedback and quality assurance position

Hey all,

My name is David, I’m the Head of Marketing at Creators3D, a 3D content creation platform that supplies 3D artists with job offers on various projects. We have over 30,000 artists that work with us in the last 5 years or so and we are always looking for more talented 3D artists.

Our clients are big international retailers that require 3D models for their products - we create 3D models from 2D images and references.

I am looking for professional and talented 3D artists to work with us remotely on our platform in a position that involves giving feedback to our 3D artists who work with us.
Important to note that the position is not available for American citizens and we prefer applicants from Latin America or South East Asia.

The position is considered to be a full-time position but it’s in your own time zone.
The pay is about $700 per month, 5 Days a week with 12 paid vacation days per year.

If you are interested, please fill out this form (you can also DM me or send an email to [email protected]), and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I’ll be happy to provide additional information on the platform and the job offer via email or a Zoom conversation.



You may need to edit this posting to clarify that it’s not open to US residents… since you’re paying 4.30 an hour, it would be highly illegal for you to hire someone American for this since that’s about half of the federal minimum wage :thinking:


You are right, I’ll edit the post accordingly, thanks!

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I didn’t have a good experience with this job offer. First of all you get conflicting communication as you get an email for either scheduling an interview or jump into the test ;but when in the interview I got told to ignore all those automatic emails as the company is being reorganised, so the test mentioned in that email does not really count.

Then I was sent another email with a test and a PDF for instructions. The test tells you exactly how to do things , which is quite simple and not very technical or anything like that. After sending the test I got a reply saying that competition is extremely high and unfortunately they have decided not to move forward with my application.

Anyone who does the test would notice that it is impossible that there’s some kind of “competition” here. This is not an art test or something like that. It’s just taking pics of the models provided and make comments comparing it with the original reference following the examples already provided in the PDF.

I sincerely feel I got scammed in this “recruitment process”.


Same experience here. i even reached out again to see whats happening but i was told recruitment is done. yet i was never even given an interview.

this poster should be banned from the forum.


In many other countries in Europe it is also illegal, in Germany for example the minimum is 1584 Euro per month…
Anyway 700$ a month for full time is absolutely ridiculous for “professional” 3D artist, a 3D artist who respect themselves enough should not agree to work for such low wages, this is how you break the market.


to be honest he is looking for SE Asia and Latin America. 700 usd is a lot in almost every country in those places

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Well I am from Venenzuela, and i still recieve I still receive job offers below $100 a month and I have 6 years of experience modeling products, I don’t take those proposals but you’d be surprised how ridiculous they can be, the lowest they offered me was $5 a week full time. It is becoming stressful because living here in Venezuela can be quite expensive contrary to what many think. But every time I say where I’m from they want to pay me very low



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Hey all,

First of all, I want to thank all those who applied for the position and tell you that we successfully recruited 5 applicants from this forum post!

Secondly, just to be super clear (and I also mentioned it in the job description), the job offer is for a junior position, we are not looking for highly skilled 3D artists but people with little experience that are looking to gain knowledge and work experience in this field, and so we pay accordingly.

Now, we are looking for applicants from specific countries where the pay we offer is legit (countries like Brazil have a minimum wage of about $500. so the $700 we offer is actually competitive).

Lastly, Magdalena_GF - I’m sorry you felt scammed.
We accidentally sent you the wrong email and in the interview, we clarified that the process is still been structured. After you did the test we decided not to move forward with you, not everybody passes the recruitment process just like in any other field and recruitment process.

We try as hard as we can to be responsive, respectful, and keep things straightforward, and if someone felt otherwise we deeply apologize for it.

So, thanks again to all those who applied, and even those who did not finish the process successfully we keep your details on file and once we’ll have a new position open we will be in touch with you.

Best regards
David from Creators3D

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