Hiring an animator/s who can do 13 scenes of action and movement

I am hiring an animator or animators who can do 13 scenes of fast paced realistic action and movement

There will be a script provided and images, A skype call will be necessary to display and talk about what is
in the scene and how the scene will be directed

A full total pay will be paid to those who participate/join the project

I am looking for professional animators who have animated a series of long projects, the maximum time of this
project will probably be 12-13 minutes ESTIMATED.

All participants will be credited in the ending credit scene

I will be trying to finish this project as fast as possible, as there will be no deadline I am looking for
professional animators who can get the job done and in a professional manner

Down below post your information in this order:

Animators who fit the role of the scenes will be picked!

Skype Name:

Why I want to join:

Experience of animation: (Post your past work please!)

Thank you!

You might want to mention pay and maybe show some art from the project so far.

I sent you a PM