Hiring animator for title sequence in stereoscopic 360

  1. What is the type of project?
    The project is a logo animation that will serve as an opening title. Deliverable will be a rendered 10-second animation in 10K (top-bottom stereoscopic) resolution along with source Blender files and linked media.

  2. Are you a company or individual?
    We are a company: VR Study Trips (https://vrstudytrips.com)

  3. What kind of designer are you looking for?
    We are looking for an animator with experience with logo animations or transitions. Bonus points if you have experience with 360 videos.

  4. What is the deadline?
    Review for feedback on October 3. Final delivery on October 10.

  5. Description of the project:
    We are looking for an animation that will serve 2 purposes: 1) to introduce and reinforce our brand and 2) to transition the VR headset-wearing viewer from light to dark as they start their experience of being immersed in various locations on the planet. It is the visual transition through which they are transported.
    Our videos are educational in nature with an audience spanning children to the elderly - so the animation should be somewhat playful and then settle in darkness so that we can reveal their destination.
    We have a logo and brand handbook to pull from and a 2D animation that can serve as a starting point for the creative. We have a sound engineer at the ready to help make your animation sizzle.

  6. What is the budget? $1000 USD

Thank you all for the inquiries. The artist for this project has been hired!