Hiring Modeler for characters

Hiring a modeler to make characters from the Peaky Blinders show (ex: Thomas Shelby, Arthur Shelby, etc.) for my Garry’s Mod server.

Detailing, textures, skins, etc. are all important. But the most important factor is an optimized model that’s lag-free. We’ll be supporting 100+ players on our Garry’s Mod server and need the models to run smooth.

Here’s an example of a decent model.

  1. Type of project? Modeling
  2. Are you a company or individual? Individual
  3. What kind of designer are you looking for? Experienced character modeler that can make the models lightweight yet look good
  4. What is the deadline? 1-4 months
  5. What is the budget? Let’s just say I’ll not underpay you for complex work. So tell me how much it’d cost and we’ll go from there :slight_smile:

I found documentation for scaling, texture sizes, polygon counts… Do you have picture references clothes that characters are using? Peaky Blinders is unknown. Preferred if clothes are pictured from white light from front like this: https://www.fjallraven.com/4947cd/globalassets/catalogs/fjallraven/f8/f870/f87042/f624/ovik_t-shirt_m_87042-624_a_main_fjr.jpg

That allows modelling based on images. I expect that there is enough actor face images and makeup.

How about asset format and rigging? As for Blender user, I know how to create character to Blender using .blend file format, do you have character rig compatible with animations (running, pick up object etc.) and if model is exported from .blend to, let’s say to .obj format in proper scale and units and texture map, do you know how to import that to game engine?

Hello, what’s the character art style you are looking for? Realistic, stylized, photorealistic?

What’s the rate you would expect per character? The standard freelance rates start from 30 USD or more per hour for mid to senior artists, or fixed rates based in the close time of work as exception for every character, usually this could cost between 500-1000 USD per character depending the complexity and art style…

And please describe more about the technical requirements for example such as polycount for the body, clothing, and etc, textures max size, type of textures maps used for such game engine, and etc

And you are looking for only modelling and textures? And What about rigging and animation? (I am character rigger as well, and i also know to edit animations if you already provide it with a specific rig made for you game engine)


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