Hiring previs & postvis artists immediately - The Third Floor, Inc. (LA)

The Third Floor, Inc. is looking to hire previs & postvis artists immediately.

Previs Shot Creators: Artists strong in animation, layout, camera, lighting, effects, etc.
Programs: Maya (primarily), Motion Builder (a plus)

Postvis Artists: Artists strong in compositing, animation, tracking
Programs: Maya, After Effects, Boujou or PF Track

Please email reel, resume, & availability to [email protected].

What about Blender?

blenderartist.org and looking for Autodesk users… smart

Guys, there are a lot of Maya users on this forum too. I say we welcome all job postings.

Again, it is a good thing that they come here looking for talent. Knock their socks off with a killer reel first, then talk about software.

And don’t come here and discourage people for job posting! For any reason!

Look at the bigger picture and leave it alone.

I actually asked a mod about this last time they posted… They said it was allowed.

@TheThirdFloor, If they have a strong blender reel, say using the blender tracking engine instead of PFTrack / Boujou… would they be considered?

This, or gasp some people might actually possess skills that are not entirely dependent on whatever application they happen to be using.

Moderator’s note:

There is no problem to offer jobs that involves other modelling software than Blender. This forum focuses on Blender and Artists. It is not exclusive to both topics.

Action: removed off-topic posts.