Hiroshis´ RVK Slider script

Hi! can Hiroshi personally or someone else tell me where to download the RVK slider script?


will this do?

from mthoenes you can search it here under RVK-poser
it works on publisher 2.25


Thanks, I was actually aware of the “RVK-POZER” script, I did´nt try it first because I think it needs alot of time to get into, it looks very complicated.


Not too complicated really,
I do not know if the version at meloware.com will work with 225. you have to change all instances of BezTriple to BezierPoint to make it work in 225. I think alt-F is the find in the text window.

Good Luck

Thanks mthoenes! I´ll try it out as soon as possible, but I´d really like to know what happened to Hiroshis script…

I have it, and can email it to you if you want. Did you try looking at http://www.dims.or.jp/blender/index.html ? It’s under the script heading, at the top of the page.

Thanks Josahk for the URL, after a quick look, I noticed that Hiroshi has´nt updated the filr since 2000. Do you use the script?