Hiroshis´ RVK Slider script

(Nhytro) #1

Hi! can Hiroshi personally or someone else tell me where to download the RVK slider script?


(BaDbOyHeRe) #2

will this do?

from mthoenes you can search it here under RVK-poser
it works on publisher 2.25


(Nhytro) #3

Thanks, I was actually aware of the “RVK-POZER” script, I did´nt try it first because I think it needs alot of time to get into, it looks very complicated.


(mthoenes) #4

Not too complicated really,
I do not know if the version at meloware.com will work with 225. you have to change all instances of BezTriple to BezierPoint to make it work in 225. I think alt-F is the find in the text window.

Good Luck

(Nhytro) #5

Thanks mthoenes! I´ll try it out as soon as possible, but I´d really like to know what happened to Hiroshis script…

(johsahk) #6

I have it, and can email it to you if you want. Did you try looking at http://www.dims.or.jp/blender/index.html ? It’s under the script heading, at the top of the page.

(Nhytro) #7

Thanks Josahk for the URL, after a quick look, I noticed that Hiroshi has´nt updated the filr since 2000. Do you use the script?