Hisorically Correct Dino-Rider


(TheAlmightyF) #1

His name is “Plätzchen” (Cookie).
He came to kick ass and eat gras and he’s all out of gras.

I made this for a friend:
“Can you do a picture of me. Riding on a dino. With Thor’s Hammer in one hand. And a world destroying comet in the background.”
Are you happy now you greedy bastard?
(For the Internetversion I used the face of another friends rabbit, with his permission of course.)

I used some Megascans-Models, gras from the grasessentials from blenderguru, some materials from the cycles material vault, some custom materials.
The basemesh of the dino is from blendswap:

The hammer is also from blendswap:

Most of the 16h I spent on this piece was spend on the composition. Not my strong point.
I had problems getting all the elements into the picture.
Nontheless I call it done and will move on to new projects.

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(alf0) #2

that nice !!!

(TheAlmightyF) #3

thanks! :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured! :tada:

(Renzatic) #5

I’ve seen many talented people produce numerous amounts of quality work during my time here.

But this?

This might be the first time I’ve witnessed someone provide us an example of what could be nothing else but True Art.

Congrats, man. :smiley:

(GarageFarm.NET) #6

I see Kung Fury inspiration here right ? :wink:

awesome stuff

Jarek D (DJ)

(cgCody) #7

Yeah, this is in no way historically accurate…

The dino should be purple HELLO!

Good job! :slight_smile:

(Maxence Leret d'Aubigny) #8

Love the lighting! great job!

(Nunud) #9

The work is excellent, but it’s the title I like the most!

Made me laugh out loud! :smile:

(Member) #10

Awesome work man…

(TheAlmightyF) #11

Thanks for the kind words!
Although I’m a fan of Kung Fury the movie was Not an inspiration :smiley:

(Scoped) #12

The best description ever! And the render looks pretty good as well.

(UserGreat) #13

Awesome. It’s reminded of Hotline Miami a little bit, lol.

(rogper) #14

Yup! It seems just correct and sure is for the History books! :slight_smile:
This made my day … herggg… entire month! I just love these requests!
Great job!