Hit n' Run Animation

I wanted to share my Hit n Run animation test with you. C&C welcome.

It’s a nice animation… one thing came to my mind is that usually when a baseball player is done swinging his bat, he usually “toss” it in the continued swing motion and begin to run.

In this animation, this guy brings the bat back to other side (?) and drop it… that costs a lot of time and doesn’t look right to me. Does that make sense? :slight_smile: Otherwise, good job and keep it up!

Looks cool! I find that there seems to be a slight hesitation around the middle of the swing, and more frames per second would have been better.
Oh, and where’s the ball?

Other than that, I really like it.


DreamMaster - I appreciate the C&C. I used some reference footage, and just exagerated some of the movement/timing for this cartoony guy. I think if you look up some batting footage you’ll find that many batters bring the bat back and drop it on the first base line (not all of course).
Cuby thanks for the comments. I think we can thank Photobucket for dropping the fps :). it was at 30 fps before I uploaded it. I think the hesitation your refering to is a hard point in the motion arc of the bat. I’ll see if I can smooth it out.

Hmm… lifting the leg that high, in that manner befor the swing seems very weird and impractical. Wouldn’t it be more like a step? Also I think the bat would be leading the motion in the end draging the arms along way more.
But then again, what do I know about baseball? :>

Overall nice. :slight_smile:

paulR, your absolutely right about the step. It would normally just be a step but I exagerated it. I was going for a more stylized swing rather than realistic. Other things that were exagerated are: Cockback before the swing, the follow through after he hits the ball, the dip as he starts to run, and the speed he runs at.
As for the bat leading the arms, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that.