Hitman Game [which camera perspective do you prefer?]

I started working on this small Hitman game with Mattheo and Lionel Koch.

This game is meant to be finished in one week, this is how far we got in that time, but we will of course continue development.
Please tell me which camera perspective you prefer.

Top Down

3rd Person

1st Person

Stay tuned for updates!

Woah Top down :slight_smile:

3rd person ! so kewt!

Top down looks cool, but you’d need the view to be zoomed out quite a bit so you can see enemies before they see you.
1st person has a bit too much camera sway, make me queasy.

I like the level layouts and the ragdolls are cool too. The toon shading looks great.

Nice work,

is the shading a toon shader? looks kinda ‘borderlandy’


It looks more like the Minnaert shader :confused:

Definitely 3rd person - 1st is neat but it wouldn’t feel very much like a Hitman game.
I also deeply despise top-down shooters, makes it look more like an arcade game than an action/adventure/stealth.
You seem to have added all three already, might as well let the player decide in the options or somethin’! Satisfy everyone

I agree with RandomPickle with the TPS. About FPS: I think it make games look less interesting, makes them boring for others to watch - interesting only for player, usually decreases the feeling of storyline. But it is much easier to make. But as you have made TPS already, I’d stick with it. I say: 3rd person and/or top-down but no FPS.
Crap - so hard to type - I yesterday accidently poured coffe on keyboard. So hard to press buttons now, but the sensors still work.

Excelent and super fast work my friend!!Wow!I agree with the previous comments,in overall I believe all the views are very interesting,each in its own way and I’d like to see them all available to choose in the game if possible!

I think all the 3 camera views are useful in this kind of game (your video prove it). Anyway : Very nice game :slight_smile:

We will propably use a mix of Top Down and 3rd Person, these two were liked by most of you. I will make a tutorial soon on the Shading style so I don´t have to explain it all now.

Some people complained that we are directly copying the Hitman franchise and that they can sue us. What do you think?

if your not selling it they won’t do anything 99% of the time,

fan games are a thing.

You have 2 easy possibilites to avoid that

Change the game title (can be Hitmen, Heatman, Kickman,…)


change the character appearance

If you intend to sell it , change the name and the tie color… everything else should be fine. The suite and bald head and the fact that the protagonist is a killer are not a trade mark of the original hitman series.
Otherwise if it is just a fan game…it should be completely fine to use everything from the Hitman series even the original models…as long as you are not taking any benefits from it.

Ok, so thanks a lot, I will make some small changes and change the name of course, then it´s an original game. Thanks a lot!

Very nice! I’m partial to 1st person. top down is a bit to arcadish and in the 3rd person his stunning bald head is really distracting. could you make a tutorial on teh ragdolls?

FPS is the best for this kind of games, at least for me. I don’t like the fact that in 3rd person perspectives, even when the player is hide, you can actually see what enemies are doing, and that for me is boring… IMHO… so, FPS! :slight_smile:

And good job there! :slight_smile: