Hitting F12 is different to "Render Image"

Hi there,

I noticed that it makes a difference when rendering with the top-left menu “Render → Render Image” compared to just hitting F12. The rendered image is only saved in the output folder (Desktop) if I press F12.

Once I hit F12 to render and get the image automatically saved, I can use the menu for this again and it works with automatical saving in the output folder. It’s like pressing F12 “unlocks” the saving function.

Strange - if I reset my blender to Factory Settings and set the output folder to Desktop again then the rendered image won’t be saved at all. No matter if I’m rendering with menu oder F12. I tried it with 2.93 and the latest build of 3.0.

It works fine with “Render → Render Animation” in both cases. Something might be broken with single image saving settings.

What setting could cause this behavoir?
How can I make blender save my rendering everytime I’m rendering through the menu?

You had an addon to do that in your previous blender installation. You have lost it with your reset.
The default of Blender is NOT to save a render, leaving it up to the user to do so.
On a quick google search, found this question and answers:

Oh, you are right, thank you! I have forgotten about this addon that I installed years ago. It doesn’t show up in the addon-list of my 2.93 but it does in the build of 3.0 to activate it.