HMS Holland

Old model that I’ve redone using the Filmic color management settings and the new Principled shader.


That’s good work.

Great amount of work here!! what accuracy(technical) is there ? Thank you, cheers

I’ve been looking at this thing for a bit not it’s great! I had no idea they had submarines in 1901. Looks like standing room only. How many crew did she have?

It’s as accurate as I could make it. I have a copy of basic blue prints and I took extensive photos of the ship at the museum in Gosport England. I’ve also been able to acquire some vintage photos of the engine and other details.

That’s awesome, I really appreciate the LOD you put into your models, great textures too…

Thanks for the comment.

Crew of 8 - it must have been quite crowded and unpleasant.

It was England’s first submarine. More details here: