HMS Pegasus - full ship building in progress

Amazing work!
I have 2 questions:
What are your rig specs and how long have you spent on this project?
This detail is crazy. I don’t think my rig could even load the model without freezing.

I am not the author of this ship it’s heraSK maybe you replied on wrong post.

in case the question was directed to me, my specs are:
Intel Core i7 4770k
GTX 1070ti
Win 10 on SSD, storage on 2TB HDD

right now I’m past 2.5 year mark since I started working on the project.

I agree awesome work

Still using unreal for the renders? Or are you able to use 2.8 yet?

yes, I’ve switched to 2.8 the day it came out. the new GPU can handle rendering quite nicely, but still, since I have to make a lot of renders it’s still quicker to spam screenshots out of UE4 than having to wait 5-10 minutes per image in Cycles. one day I’ll have to dive deeper into eevee but for now it can wait…

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supp, people! anchors are done. and I’ve started making sails…



You Sir have beyond a doubt some major dedication. Very inspiring as well to keep motivated to work on a project for a length of time.

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thank you very much, mate! really appreciate it! sails coming along nicely. no ropes yet, first trying to get the shapes and placement right…


Wow, fantastic.

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apparently, I’m actively avoiding sail making… :wink: JK, still in the works. I just had to take a short break from it… cheers!!

EDIT: the ship was riding a bit too low in the water. I’ve replaced the images with new ones…


absolutely beautiful

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Absolutely amazing, favourite thread on ba so far :slight_smile:

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I miss wireframes just for curiosity, but it’s simply an incredible work!!!

here you go, mate. love the new 2.8 wireframe overlay. on 2.79 you couldn’t see s**t on a model this detailed using old wireframe mode… :smiley:


Thank you so much!!

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Jolie modélisation.
Bravo !

Incredible work!

What an incredible project to undertake. I cant even imagine how long this project must have taken you. Keep up the great work.

thx, guys. unfortunately, the work’s still not done. but I’m doing bits and pieces whenever I get the chance. with my full time job and family, hobbies tend to take back seat more often than not… cheers!