HMS Victory revisit

Hey everyone :smiley: im revisiting a project that I “finished” a bit more than a month and a half ago… my project was to model and roughly texture the HMS Victory… I am now going to revisit this and try to make some shots from the side with the cannons firing :slight_smile: i could not find a good tutorial on this for blender so i decided that when I am done i will make a short tutorial on how to make the firing cannon effect… right now I am at “work” so all i have with me is my little asus 900a so I cant really do much now… i did render 2 extra pics… the first one will probably be the same as the final shot (still) with the broadside firing :slight_smile: the second is just a more close up shot c&c is very welcome :slight_smile:

Link to finished tutorial here (PDF)

wow, no replies on this. It looks really good. Can’t wait to see some of the final shots.

someone else did a very nice model of this if i remember well do a search for it !

but looking good

happy 2.5

yes! i cant remember his name but i came across his images and thread while looking for reference photos for making mine :slight_smile:

i went to the national history museum here in london with my girlfriend a little while ago and there was a 1 and a half meter model of the victory… it was badly lit… otherwise i would have taken tons of reference photos :smiley: thats what made me think of coming back to this project…

and thanks guys for the comments :slight_smile: i have made done some tests with the smoke simulator for the cannon shots on my other computer… will get those up later or tomorrow :smiley:

here is the first test for the cannon fire… tell me what u think… i went with particles instead of smoke because it was easier and i can control the colour better this way… it also surprisingly looks better…


This looks like a cool project. I am interested to see how the final shot will turn out.

I think you need to revisit the sails on your model. My primary critique is that the sails appear to be too wide. It is not unreasonable for a ship to put out that much sail, but it will not be one complete piece of canvas. I believe each course sail you are showing should be split into three sails (one working sail and two “studding sails”) with the working sail comprising about 3/4 of the sail breadth.

Also note that during combat, warships would generally not use their course sails (the bottom most sails), or for that matter, studding sails. The exception being if one ship is trying to chase down another in a light/moderate wind.

As for the gun: you have a good start but you need more smoke. Blackpowder weaponry generally produces a very large amount of thick smoke.

wow… thank you sharper! thats allot of useful information :slight_smile: i definitely will do some more work on the sails :slight_smile: the final shot that i am going for is with cannons firing so thats during combat… so i will roll up the bottom sails… that was im guessing so that they wouldnt be ripped to shreds from cannon fire?

on thee smoke… i watched quite a few videos of cannons of this period… you are right about there being more smoke… but this is the first frame of the cannon firing where the cannon ball would still be close to the cannon… maybe even in the smoke… the next few frames the heavier smoke comes out… in my scene i want to have a bit of variation on the timing of each cannon because they werent computer fired :stuck_out_tongue: so ye i will be working on some different versions as well… some a few milliseconds earlier or later :slight_smile:

i hope that makes sense to everyone… please correct me if i got something wrong here

like this canon fire very interesting

can you upload just this effect for smoke and fire migth interesting for other things too!

keep up the good work

happy 2.5

some more cannon fire tests
hope you like it :slight_smile:

I think the smoke looks to uniform…
Here is a Pirates of the Caribbean reference (cannon fire is all the way in the end):

ah i love that film :slight_smile: thanks for the link ddd… do u have any idea on how to get that effect to look better? i didnt think that it would be to hard to get it looking good… it is :stuck_out_tongue: very… ill keep working on it… but i think the only way to get it looking non uniform is by adding smoke… and this ship has over 60 cannons just on one side of the shipp… thats way to much baking :stuck_out_tongue:

Before 2.5 smoke sim, smoke was done with particles, so you can still do it. Idont know to much about particles though, i do know that you just have to play with the setting for a long time.
But you just need some turbulance for the smoke. I hear brownian motion option helps with that, oh and the randomness value i guess.

yes this is using particles :slight_smile: because i knew that smoke sim was going to be too much for my computer… i am going to keep playing with it to see if i can get some better results… ill keep u informed :wink:

hum still having major problem this morning with internet !

i mean if possible can you upload a sample blend file for this fire smoke effect

like to play with this and understand how it is done!

Thanks & happy 2.5

erm… i deleted that file because it was kinda unusable… because each cannon shot would have over 200000 particles :slight_smile: times that by 50 and u have over 10 million particles :stuck_out_tongue: i will hopefully be making a tutorial though on how to make the final effect… when i make it :stuck_out_tongue:

im pretty much done with the fire :slight_smile: here are some pics

@ DDD i hope that this is what u ment with less uniform flames

i am going to start making the tutorial this evening… after that i will probably keep refining the rest of these shots…

Extreme depth of field on this shot shows your hiding lack of detail, which doubles making it look like a minature.

I have finished the tutorial :slight_smile: i hope its helpful

i uploaded it to google docs so that it wont get removed in a few weeks

@ Keith M ye i fixed that on the final renders :slight_smile:

link you need a Gmail account

i think this is not the right link for the tut ?

let us know

thanks and happy 2.5