[Hobby][Unreal Engine] Stylized FPS game looking for environment artists


As a small indie dev team, made up of hobbyists, we cannot offer paid compensation. However, if a price is put on the game, a fair rev share system will be put in place. Additionally, if the project receives any significant funding, you will not only be compensated for new work but you will also receive compensation for work already done. If we never receive funding, we will still treat you with respect and kindness however long you stay. You may leave the project at any time, and you will still hold full rights to any assets you make unless specified otherwise (and unless the asset includes imagery unique or specific to the project.)

About Our Game

Our game is a stylized FPS game, inspired (graphically) by games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, where the player takes the role of a newly hired police detective in a small town where magic is common. The player can unlock a variety of magical abilities throughout the course of the game. Some examples include: echolocation [basically Xray], invisibility, and teleportation.

TL;DR: Our game is a stylized FPS game where you can use magical abilities to kill people.


As an environment artist, you will be tasked with making modular set pieces for various levels and locations. Most of the time, these will be fairly low poly, sometimes going as far as to be a single polygon wall with a custom texture to act as a wall piece. You should have knowledge of poly-modeling, and (optionally) sculpting to get the job done, as well as retopology to keep the model small in polygons and optimized. Preferably, you would also be in charge of texturing the model using PBR Workflow in a stylized look, similar to our reference images. Making LOD models of the pieces is completely optional.

Style Refs and Videos

To apply, fill out a response to this application:

Style Refs:

Update: We are still looking.