Hogwarts Castle - Cartoon Scenes

These are just some screens from my epic quest to model parts of Hogwarts Castle (harry potter). Just wanted some crits and comments

So far I have a hallway and a very WIP class room.

Cool, I think you need to throw some dirt on your textures now, and maybe bake an ambient occlusion map, have fun:eyebrowlift:.

Pretty nice. It looks too clean, though. Some cracks, dirt, grime, moss, etc. would be nice. Also, the bricks shouldn’t all be exactly the same color. Same goes for the floor tiles, right now they look like linoleum. Also, you ought to move up the painting a bit…paintings are hung at eye level, not knee level.

True it looks good so far but a bit too clean,u could add some more details like bigger torchs and move them upper and i also would like to advise downloading ZoneMaps ,it has bunch of textures including the bricks u looking for ^^

u could also scale the doors a little and add some chandeliers on the top of the roof…anyways that is too much comment for a newbie like me but i felt like commenting some of my ideas.
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I agree with him :slight_smile:

nice work tho!

Here is an update… Hopefully this looks better :smiley: I added cracks and dirt on the walls and floor and add some ambient occlusion.
Sorry but I’m not going to be changing the textures. I made them all from scratch and I want it all to be made from scratch. I could change the textures but I’m not going to find new ones on the internet.

*See first post for up to date screenshot

yeah now it looks a lot better,im not saying the older isnt looking cool but it feels that something is missing there …
anyways congratz dude and have u built any characters yet?
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Thanks! Yeah, me and a friend (who is coding) have a character and quite a bit of scripting done for the game. It should be pretty cool.

nice will be looking forward to see the rest of it :wink:
cant w8 till i learn python and then i can start planning my own game ^^

UPDATE!!! Our game is switching to much more of a toon look so I changed all the textures to hand painted (using gimp) textures that are much more cartoony. Here it is!

*See first post for up to date screenshot

What’s that big screen for?

oh yeah ,the sealing and the walls look much better now :smiley:

Um… is that an insult? :confused: Oh well, no offence taken…

That is some nice texturing want to team up?


This scene is acctually for a game project I’m working on though so I’m a little to busy with this to team up :slight_smile: sorry. What kind of project where you thinking of? If you want I could contribute some smaller props and stuff. Always eager for a chance to practice my art skills! :smiley:

Here is a small update… I changed the floor and extended the window frame to below the window.

*See first post for up to date screenshot

Ok, I just bump mapped the whole thing but I’m not going to post screens as I go anymore. Just check the first post for the most up to date screenshot.

No, it wasn’t an insult. It was a question. Now that you’ve fixed the frame I can tell it’s a window, but before I thought maybe it was some sort of weird door. It looks more like a window now. (It would also help if you could see through it, and if it wasn’t twice the size of the doors.)

Well your not going to be able to see through it because the interior of the castle will be a different scene than the outside and I’m not going to model some outdoors terrain just to see through the window. The reason it’s that big is because in the movies I think I saw something like that… not sure. I might work on it a bit more to make it look more like a window though. Thanks for the suggestion. :smiley:

You could put a plane outside with a panorama of a moon or something. Then decrease the alpha on the window. So you can see through it. It would add a lot to the realism of the scene.:wink: