Hogwarts : courtyard

I made a scene, from the film Harry Potter. This is the Clock Tower Courtyard. I made this on Cycles render and textures with Photoshop.Later, I would like to create an animation from this scene, which turns around the fountain. What do you think guys about this current image ? ^^

Well done. I like the gothic design of the fountain.

Very nice design and layout! I really like the detail used in the architecture and the foliage. If you are doing an animation that rotates around the fountain, I would recommend some more dynamic lights to show off the depth and details in the scene. Right now it looks good as a model set or something from a video game with the fog, which works as a still image, but it might benefit from a bit more contrast in a motion picture. In any case, the detailing is great and I look forward to seeing the video!

Thx ^^ Yeah, the design of this scene is cool and interrsting, that’s why I wanted to do it in Blender.

Good job on the modelling! Did you light this with an HDR btw? If not, you definitely should, because the current lighting looks rather unrealistic and boring. Still, this has a lot of potential ^^

I like the modelling. You should rethink framing perhaps. Putting your cool fountain on the middle like this, and then cutting top of it is not the best idea I think.

Good Job with the modelling.

The mist supports a magic/spooky atmosphere but makes the scene very flat.

I agree with Icestorm that the lighting could be more interesting. The current lighting Looks very dull.

Unless this is not intended to express a certain mood, maybe some volumetric shadows or some decent highlights could help.

This would also help to make the animation more vital.

Thx ^^ @Icestorm, No I didn’t bud I wanted to get a cold/cloudy atmosphere sush as my reference picture.
@czerw I know this farmis is pretty simple bit later I would like to create an animation from this scene, so it’s not really a composition :stuck_out_tongue: