Holes in a pipe

Yes, how to make holes to a pipe? It seems impossible to me.


I dunno i but would like to know

you need to temporarily close all object

then use the boolean operator
the boolean from blender is not really very good so
you can find the latest boolean script here
this script works much better then the one from blender
and you should be able to do it with it!
find the latest version i think it R16 for the boolean script


I have never used scripts before… so could you explain how to do the holes with that script?

here is an example of two objects closed - no open surfaces

you select the 2 objects and then you click W Key
and you select the boolean operator Union
and this will make a hole inot the first objects

then you have to move away the objects to see it
and may be do some verticies removing to get the final resutls

you can also check the wiki page on boolean operator
to give a better idea on how to use it

you alos ahve a boolean modifier
see the doc in wiki


Okay, the blender boolean tool works… but: It produces a crappy mesh with many triangles and long, narrow faces… so I’ll try the script.
EDIT: I can’t find the script in the scripts window, although I downloaded the PY file to plugins folder… and I have python installed. So what’s wrong?

put the script in the same folder then your file

then go to the text editor and load up the script then run it
but as i said it’s better to have closed volume objects
it usually works better that way
can you show some pic of what you got
have been able to find the script Version 16 as indicated earlier?


Use CTRL-R (insert edgeloop) to add edgeloops for the edges of the windows.With this method you will have the lines continuing around the whole surface, but the mesh will be “clean” in terms of still being triangle free. You can then delete / extrude the window holes as you like.
Blender will try its best, though adding edgeloops to curved surfaces is a recipe for creating visible lines that need smoothing. If you can work with the lines that are already there. only adding the horizontal (around the circle) ones, then your mesh will not show the lines per say. If you really want accurately placed windows without the visible distortion of extra lines, redo your shape via spin, with enough iterations to line up where the windows edges are.