Holes in Custom letters. (Vertices)

Hi, Everybody!

My name is Fenna.

I accidentally posted this question on the wrong Blender Community site (Right-Click Select site) and was sent here to post my question.

Could someone help me with this Custom Text? I drew a line around the letters with Vertices but now I can’t cut out the middle part because it looks like a face. I also tried everything like Booleans but that didn’t help either, the Vertices is a Polygon.

Do you know how I can solve this? I’ve found many things with the text tool default in Blender but this is Custom Made Text.

And I saw something come along with Retopology, but with a lot of letters, I’ve been working on that for a long time.

Do you know a solution for this?

Here are some screenshots.

Later I thought, should I cut the inner A from the Outside A? But I don’t understand how you can convert this from a filler to outline between the Outer A and Inner A?

I also tried it with the Knife tool to cut out the interior of the A (Tracing the Edge) say) which resulted that I suffered from Z-Fighting as if two faces are over each other, or edges or vertices.

Or am I very wrong in thinking and solution thinking?

I don’t see the screenshots

I get a message because I’m new that I can’t post screenshots.

That makes it more difficult to help you. You could try on my Discord server if you use Discord.

I have added your discord.

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Did you try to select by material withShift+G and separate it?