Holes in my mesh?

Heya, I’m not ashamed of saying that I’m really new and not very good with Blender yet…that being said here is my problem. :slight_smile:

I started a point by point style face after just learning some of the features in blender and got the basic shape of a nose and eye/cheek but for some reason on the corner of some of the faces the mesh seems to have holes. Here’s what I mean…

If somebody could tell me how to fix that it would be greatly appreciated! *Also a little advice on my mesh modeling wouldn’t hurt either. I started out with a lightwave tutorial on modeling an orc head then tried just winging it to make my own face. So that’s why the proportions look like they do. Thank you in advance for any help!!


you have faces in places that would make them appear to have more than 4 sides

for the image, at the lower left of what you have highlighted you have a face that doesn’t touch the verts next to it

err, I shall explain with ascii art

|      |         |
+------+         |
|      |         |

notice how the quad on the right doesn’t connect with the vert in the middle. This is where your hole probably came from

some more solutions to similar problems:
Ok, first turn off subdivision surfaces and turn on draw faces
sometimes operations will create faces that overlap other ones and cause lots of problems

(more ascii art)

|      |
|      |

where A B C D E, F are verticies

what may not be visible (going into wireframe with draw faces turned on makes this visible) is if there is a face between verticies A B F, and E.

Ahh, okay I think I getcha. I think I’m gonna scrap this model and start from scratch since I think I’ll be better off trying and trying until I get the gist of things. Doing actual modeling is much more fun then just creating a monkey and playing with lights. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the help!