Holland (Netherlands)


Personal Project based on a photo I saw on Reddit

First full render which I posted on the blender subreddit and received a lot of helpful critiques

Original Reference

Breakdown Process of all main renders

Modelling The Windmill Blades


Wow this should get featured !


Thanks a lot

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Goed gedaan, jongen! :grin:

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perfect ! i don’t know why your grass is so green tho

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Lovely render. congratulations.

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Wonderful job! Congratulations, I really enjoyed this scene!

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Most Likely the saturation. Working on this scene, I realized my Laptop’s screen is actually not great after comparing a render I sent to my phone. Everything looks washed on the screen so its something I have to keep in mind now, when compositing.

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This is nice.

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Looks nice, especially the atmosphere. But there’s something wrong with the reflection of the windmill. It looks skewed. Is your water level flat or tilted?

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It’s Flat(ish). The water Plane was created with from an edge loop duplicated from the ground mesh, and then extruded to cover the open space.
Since the ground had been sculpted on, it wasn’t a clean loop. I had to do some vertex relaxing and smoothing of the new mesh with modifiers like the shrink wrap.
This gave the plane a smooth reflection. The Normals didn’t flow as well as I’d wanted but the grass was able to hide most of the reflection wrapping.
If you take a look at the creation process videos, you’ll see what I mean. The YouTube Thumbnail even shows it.

NICE JOBS this is awesome

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Why didnt you simple add a array and rotate using an empty in the middle of the Blades? Seems way easier than what you did :slight_smile:
STunning render man, that last one is really the best i think

hahaha sorry, i just now read that that was your reference. I was already thing why did he use his render when modeling?!?! hahaha

One thing you forgot or didn want to do. Is that the blade are shape or curved a bit. Just like a prop of an propellor plain. Nice seeing this model. Im from The Netherlands but dont live there anymore. Was alway nice seeing these things up close when i was a kid.

PS you did the modeling quite fast, i noticed the time halfway through. Well done!!

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I love the color combinations they really set the mood. This is motivational for me…

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The first blade has a curve that’s deforming it (only visible during render), so if I used an array, the blades would have been floating in mid air for the others that aren’t deforming when rendered.