Hollow Ichigo Mask [.blend, 2.5]

Hi all. So I started to finish my model of Ichigo’s mask. It’s roughly done, little tweak is needed. I’ll post pic’s and blend soon. But my question (Rather two, I think) arise.

1st one - http://www.trueswords.com/images/prod/c/hollow_mask_sm_540.jpg , See teeth here? This is real-life prop, and teeth look… Awful? So… Any ideas how to attach tooth to full-bone’y mask in way it can look good? By good I mean realistic ; )

2nd one - http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs28/f/2008/057/a/c/Ichigo_Half_Hollow_Mask_by_Xpand_Your_Mind.jpg , Colorized pieces. I intend to use SSS (Main question - where I can find realistic one?) with color map (These colorized stripes) and normal map (Used to create these little how-do-you-name-it holes in bone’s texture). How can I combine them realistic? So - wait for remesh, I think - morning, GMT+1 ; )

  1. Best way to add teeth to the mask would probably be by adding them as floating geometry (separate objects from the mask)
    Here’s some more reference btw (sorry for small pic, couldn’t find any bigger ones)

  2. I am not really sure what you mean with this one. Blender 2.5 already comes with some SSS presets, but playing around with the settings would probably be the best for you. You should make the textures yourself, otherwise you can’t be sure you get the stripes at the correct place and if you mean the holes for the eyes then you better model them out or use an alpha map (modeling them would give best result). Or do you mean the small bumps on the skull?

So here’s update:

No material, teeth stand-ins… Shape roughly achieved.

By holes I meant, following Wiki: “Haversian Canal”. I think, this is it : )
My problem, is that must look realistic, no more - no less.

And about teeth, I have a concept - but i’m just not sure


Ichigo_hollowMask.blend (518 KB)

Next update - used trick to modify shape of the teeth (One simple subdivide level before Catmull-clark), rough UV, lower jaw tweak.

In the picture I have shown what bothers me - no AO? That’s why it looks unrealistic. Take a closer look, please… And help : )

And as a bonus - shirasaya sword based loosely on Sasuke’s kusanagi (Naruto).

Edit: After all, I forgot about blend. ^^"


Shirasaya.blend (860 KB)Ichigo_hollowMask.blend (136 KB)

Can anyone help?

I’ve got problem with AO. See the dark pixels near the teeth? It’s the place where two separate objects meets.

See blend, see render, help me ; )


Ichigo_hollowMask_BUP.blend (121 KB)

Try approximate occlusion instead of raytraced.

Yeah, that works - but resuts quite not suits me. Any idea? Because i’m not very attracted to thought, that I must integrate two meshes into one…

Initial diffuse map, painted within blender. Geez, first time I musn’t used PS… Damn, go-go 2.5 : D

Problem still doesn’t resolved, though


Ichigo_hollowMask.blend (658 KB)

Why not?

Also, if you must use ray traced AO - you need to look into several things. Actually you need to do these regardless.

  1. Overall scale of the objects ion the scene. ( currently your mask is 10 meters tall )
  2. The attenuation factor needs to be set to deal with objects in close proximity. (Not sure how you’ll deal with this as the objects are overlapping.

looking really good :slight_smile: are you going to do all his masks or just this one? (think its the third design at the moment?)

Honestly… Never thought of that. Em… Why not? But you’ll choose which one ; d


Ichigo_hollowMask.blend (828 KB)

lol I think if you can animate one of them with the almost flash onto his face and the crumble away effect would be pretty awesome.

if your going to model the third one i thought you could use a ref :stuck_out_tongue: