Hollywood Boulevard trip

Car from Blend Swap by natman.
Road texture from Poliigon.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!


Really nice render, dude! It’s especially cool that you made the entire background in 3D too.
The two things I would suggest changing are the DoF and the street material, and I have two ideas that could help the image to look a little more real.

  • The DoF is pretty shallow and kinda makes the scene look small.

  • The street looks pretty good but could use some slightly rougher/wavier reflections like this image:
    (it’s the closest thing I could find to your image)

    Also, you might want to add some extra specularity and low roughness along with a sharp bumpmap to really bring out that gritty detailed look:

The two things I would add are mist from the wet road coming off the tires and some reflections along the side of the car.
Something like this:

Keep it up, man!

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Yes the DoF is maybe too high, I tried to not get the scene to look small, the first try looked like a toy haha:

But it still could be improved.

The rough reflections is something I considered an tried to do but I had troubles putting bump only on the wet areas so I left it.

About the extra speculatiy you totally right, that image remember me of the renders of the artist Zaoeyo, I will try this for the next.

Thank you very much for taking your time on trying to help me, I really appreciate it!

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