HoloLense Element Models Needed

Hey guys! I’m currently working on developing an application for a Microsoft HoloLense. We are doing a 3D periodic table of the elements and I need help creating models of all the different element models. I will post one that I have already made and if any of you could help me create more, that would be great. I need models for all of the elements except Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium.



lithium.blend (947 KB)

Are you strictly using Bohr’s model for atoms? It would be pretty cool to generate elements based on their properties in code.
So you generate an object based on number of protons, neutrons, electrons and electron configuration with some orbit animations for the electrons.

yeah you could generate some pretty neat models including electron density and what not maybe even animations but for the purpose of a 3D periodic table which will probably used for basic chemistry teaching the bohr model is still taught the most in schools and therefore is probably the best option for the models.

So far I’m using only the Bohr model as its relatively simple. I have no experience in generating 3d models with code but if you would like to take a crack at it by all means go ahead.