Holy - *FINAL render page 2*

Alright guys, yet another render :smiley: . I love the feedback you guys have been providing - otherwise I would’ve slacked off and called it quits long ago.

Kansas_15: I made a door knocker, door hinges, and a door latch that was common among older doors (I checked online for pictures).

Shul: Criticism taken, I went for another rock look…not sure if its an improvement - but I personally think it is. :slight_smile:

Mr_rob: exactly, I thought that the cross facing the camera gave it a better effect. Sorry to anyone if I defied official religious guidelines, send my apologies to the Pope :wink: .

SpindleRift: I took your advice and made the windows more believable. I also added some detail on the door and I hope it doesn’t dissapoint.

Ok fellas, LAST ATTEMPT, lol. I only say this because now I wanna move to a different project. Don’t get me wrong, your criticisms and advice have guided my on a righteous path :slight_smile: .

Here she is:

Now the rock looks cold and frozen, hope the church has a heating system :-?

very impressive image, tho the stained glass seems to be a little out of the mood

It’s great. I like how the cross starts to fade into the clouds, this makes it interact very well with the background.

The only things I don’t like are the camera angle and the fact that the rock takes up a third of the image. I really think you should put the church on solid ground with grass and trees surrounding it. It’s pretty good as it is though.

Damn your very good just streach out the rock texture between the stairs and the bigg mass of rock

very nice, i like the mood of this, peacful, and the big cloud in the background is perfect, very nice work
most religous work is done very strong with lots of overwhelming imagery but this is very soft and inviting, nice job on that

I prefer the colours in the first two pics, but nevertheless it is very well done. Submit it to the blender3d.com gallery.

I like the first rock very much. It has a more etherial effect. Like water and air moving over and around it. It’s super [!] The second rock looks very cold and dead looking to me! The stained glass on the 3rd render looks the best kinda calmed down with less saturation but I would have probably imagined more simple windows with no scenes but I guess Christian churches have scenes in their windows? I’m not Christian so I can’t really say! :-?

The church itself is really nice looking and well designed but I too think the door is missing something. Maybe if you turned the model so the door faces us just a smidge more you could add some detail and a nice handle??

In any case I think the whole image looks really rockin’!! (no pun intended) :smiley:

Richard :wink:

Wow, nice picture! :o
But I think you have to render the sky under it, then it sort of “dragges” the main subject. But all else is great!

PS: Sorry GrimDiz, no images allowed in sig.

whoo !!!

i am new to blender (for a few months now anyway!)

and i like the church a lot !!!

well done !!


Uli wrote:

Shul: Criticism taken, I went for another rock look


not sure if its an improvement - but I personally think it is.

You got my vote :wink:

i like it! reminds me of S68s floating building thing…

maybe have some plants or something coming down from the floating rock.

SKELETORS BACK!!! where you been?

THAT’S what’s missing… PLANTS!! I agree. It’s a church, a spiritual place but in my faith it should be a place where there is a thriving and plant life would fill that missing element perfectly! :slight_smile:

Good call SkeLeToR! :slight_smile:

Richard :wink:

Alright Skeletor, challenge accepted :wink: . Expect an update in the near future… :slight_smile: