Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

Any Monty Python fans around? I’m wondering whether you think this looks and ‘feels’ like the notorious Holy Hand Grenade. I struggle with proportion most (grenade size compared to chest, chest width to height ratio, etc) so I’d like your thoughts on where that stands now. All comments and critiques are helpful, thanks!

I’ve modeled all the elements and am giving it one last look before texturing.

Here’s the Holy Grail movie clip that was my original reference (see 37 second mark). And please note this video’s aspect ratio is a little off; the image was originally wider than shown.

I luckily found what is apparently a behind-the-scenes photo of the prop from the movie, too.


Great idea, love that movie! :smiley:

Here’s my first materials pass. The chest is missing its rectangular grooves for the moment while I learn about this new cycles normal map baking (it was floating geometry). Crits are needed, thanks.

And let the numbering of the counting be three.

Levely! Hallelujah! *Boom!

someone made it! you made the holy hand grenade of Antioch! you’re a genius!! both the modeling and the materials look amazing! my only criticism is to change the black metal texture to look a bit scratched or something. right now it looks too smooth. overall i love it! good job my friend!
ps. you should try to model the evil beast as well. haha