HoLy sHiP

hey there… i created this short film in blender 2.66 …




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Great work! Very professional :yes: Good luck in the Blender Guru competition!

Out of curiosity, how did you animate the leaves on the tree?

Bravo. Superb and cute. Made my night.

This was really good… A fun little story with good sound, music and brought a smile. The only thing that I would have changed is the zoom in and zoom back part. It may have been better to take a whole different camera angle and cut right to a close up and then cut back to the original angle. But this was really well done. Good luck if this is being entered in the scifi contest.

Brilliant animation :smiley: This is definitely my favorite animation entered in the BG Scifi Comp so far :slight_smile:

Awesom job Nita:P…REALLY:) Animations just dont get the attention they should here on BA. Creating a great little animation with modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, sound, video editing…ect. is very difficult. Animations are the hardest art form for CG graphics in my opinion:) Great conception and execution…if you dont win you will get a metion for sure:P

Good Luck!

Very cute and lovely :yes:

made me smile :slight_smile: so cute character :slight_smile:

its awesome! added to favs on youtube :smiley:

u could show more of those cows in still images, i found em so cute that i wanna see more of them!

Your lighting and animation to me, is awesome. Especially your lighting, the environment looks so clean and well illuminated. The blend also rocks. I’m wondering what the botanical name of the plant on the left will be, great job.

Really cute. I like it.

I want to know what happens next :wink:

Very nice! Also, how long did the animation take to render? I’m just curious.

Share the lighting wireframe, great work, as someone above commented animations here people dont really focus, but I know how hard it is to make 11 seconds of it…

Really impressive :slight_smile: Funny and Stylish, awesome!

I love it. Beautiful work.

This makes me happy! This is why I love 3D when people create such things as this. Great work. Loved it!

Congrats on the feature!

I think that is the winning entry!

I Totally Agree :wink:
Top Class Work!

“Genius of simplicity” (used google translate) this quote works very well for this. Very good job!