Holy Smokes

Now I havent been on here in a while becuase I was using 3ds Max but I just downloaded Blender a gain becuase it is way easier. So the first place to go was here. I must say HOLY SMOKES. The site is so cool now. Any way Jako’s back and im saying hi to all o yall

Hey man, yeah, the new design is way better, much more modern.
Anyway, welcome back traitor :wink:

Hi Jako. We forgive you and welcome you back like the prodigal son; we understand all about that money thing. I’m from Hershey, so I can relate to you errant farmboys needing a real family. Feel the love. :slight_smile:

WHat you guys think I actually paid for 3ds Max. NOOO WAAYYYYYY
I downloaded it off of Torrentspy.com :slight_smile:

Ha, who pays for Any software anymore?..hahahahahahahahaa

Does Wikipedia still have the list of Blender tutorials?

Nevermind it does haha

Eh, I’d watch the piracy talk, even if you’re joking.

Welcome back.

Indeed. Not liked nor tolerated around here. Please and thank you.