Home made in EEVEE

critics are welcome, I made this home in Blender EEVEE, Postproduction in Blender.


Damn that looks so real. I would be impressed if it was a Cycles render but Eevee?! Really nice work!


nice looking

how did you do the transp windows ?

happy bl

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you very much, yes cycles and eevee have very similar interactions with the light using the correct method , have a good day

the transparent windows allways follows the interaction of the material settings, hashed material and hashed shadows , the nodes only is a principled materials, to reach this realism, you need to have actived the screenspace reflections

thank you very much

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Can you post maybe a Clay render or Clay+Wireframe overlay?

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Suuper realistic lighting! We need to see a wireframe! :smiley: lol
Well done!

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Maybe we have to start demanding a clay render in addition to anything posted…

Bart?? :wink:

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I don’t know if the sofa has to be stone but it looks like stone. The little towers on the roof towards the middle and to the right not a lot of stone and the flowers are not very realistic but otherwise the rest and great.

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You should think to make a cinematic!

I’m really impressed! There’s no much EEVEE archviz exterior renderings out there! Nice work pal! :slight_smile:

hi I am now in other city but I could send shots made in luxcore 3 years ago

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This is unreal… If there’s something I’d add (or rather, try out) is adding a slight amount noise into the picture or some bumpiness to deck chairs and walls, as they might come out as slightly too perfect. But this is just something I’d try, I might be way off.

Edit: You might also want to add some slight color to the sky, like a very slight blueish hue at the part closer to earth. If you think about it, even during the darkest time of the night, the sky isn’t all out black. Of course correct me if I’m wrong here.

Would you happen to have any recommendations/tips for a person who’s quite new to blender rendering? Like how did you reach this level greatness? :flushed:

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I’m impressed! It seems so real ! :wave:t2:

It looks so much better!
If you’re still working on this, the plants need more attention, especially since they’re closer to the camera. If foliage is not you’re main focus, you could add a Depth of Field on your camera to focus on the house. I feel like in some tropical areas, the night sky is full (sometimes) of stars.
The row of bushes; you could rotate each bush and adjust the scale to add easy variation.
Some variation to the pillars/columns would be good to add more realism.
Other than that, it feels like a warm, realistic artwork

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