Home remodeling


(jorgedct2) #1

Renders made for a house under construction.

(Rey Leonard Amorato) #2

Hi, great renders. Mind sharing how the lighting was done?

On a side note:
The renders are impressive aside from one tiny detail that bugs the architect in me. I hope you dont take this the wrong way, but the recessed part that intersects with the wall that goes up all the way to the ceiling is not quite like that in practice. We usually terminate the cove lighting just before a wall or make it so that it goes around the wall.

(alf0) #3

nice work !!!

(jorgedct2) #4


Don´t worry! I am well aware of that wrong detail, is just that that was a flash render I had to do in the work and didn´t really had the time to polish it, and I really haven´t had the time to do it since so I posted the renders as they were.

About the lighting I just used the hdri light and some lights in the ceilling. And some post production too.

(Rey Leonard Amorato) #5

Amazing, I always seem to have trouble getting rid of noise when doing interiors. How about sample count and render times?

(jorgedct2) #6

I used 256 samples with denoiser. Render times it was about 20 - 15 min each using a 1060+970+970 setup.

(Bernhard K.) #7

Really nice job and very clean renderings. :slight_smile:

Is there a texture missing in the third image? Purple border around the door? :smiley:

(jorgedct2) #8

Thanks! And yep, that’s the proof flash renders aren’t the best way to work… At last for me! Don’t look furtther because you are going to find some other mistakes!

(Bernhard K.) #9

It’s not that dramatic, doesn’t really pop out that much anyway. You could probably even fix it in a couple of minutes before in Gimp or Photoshop.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Dan) #11

This is great work. Very effective.

(jorgedct2) #12

Wow! Thank you Bart! It makes me really happy :smiley: !