Homeland - Helicopter Game

Takes place on the west coast of the United States (Oregon/Washington area), 2019

North korea, having the largest military organization in the world (9.5 million +), has destroyed South Korea and put the U.S. in its sights. Due to lack of military bases, the Oregon and Washington coasts are perfect beachheads for an invasion. You play a prototype helicopter armed with twin .50 caliber armor piercing heavy machine guns, long range mini-Hellfire missiles, and a laser for guiding an overhead gundship’s main 150mm cannon.

Mechanics are similar to Invasion of the Cow Snatchers; the helicopter is set at a distance above everything else, but you can aim up and down with the mouse.

Current Vehicles:

  • Hmmwv (not armed)
  • Bradley Fighting Vehichle (Bushman chaingun 30mm)
  • M1 Abrams (Anti armor 105mm)
  • Stryker (Anti Armor 105mm)
  • Gunship (150mm battery cannon)
  • Prototype Support Helicopter (.50 cal HMG, mini-Hellfire, laser)


  • BTR-60 (.50 cal HMG)
  • T-54 (100mm)
  • PT-76 (76.2mm)
  • ZSU-57 AA (57mm Flak)
  • SA-9 Gaskin AA (S.A.M.)
  • Mil Mi 24 (.50 cal gatling)
  • BM-21 MLRS (20-kilo-payload long-range missiles)
  • Q-5 Nanchang (not armed)

Vehicles modeled and textured

Nice idea and models,keep progressing with your work cam.dudes because this might turn into some crazy awesome game

Ok this looks like a great game. But where is the link to download it?

i love your games!
but you should avoid involving korea… you know what im talking about…
anyway, it looks nice! it only needs a terrain texture :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: damn dude, i love those models, i would put them in a RTS game

North Korea is the new Nazi party though. Er, I mean they aren’t really friends with anyone (except China?). Besides, they threaten the U.S. with I.C.B.M. attacks. That is asking for it. You ever played Mercenaries?
The terrain is done with a 2048 by 2048 image with baked shadows and AO. So that is done by level.

Pretty much everything can be destroyed

Looks pretty promising, I’d love to see a video! Good luck! :slight_smile:

China would more likely help, and they’re actually telling North Korea to stand down.
But let’s not start a war on this thread (Literally).

The game looks awesome!, are you using GLSL or Multitexture?

I have a huge interest in the korea conflict and I might be able to provide you some info from the north korean perspective of things if you want. of course if you dont intend to do a lot with the story, or perhaps want it to be more of a black and white game this kind of info might not be for you.

Even so heres a few links(youtube):
videos from North Korea/DPRK(democratic peoples republic of korea)
especially the military videos you will probably find useful

this guy some times does videos on DPRK and come with some interesting facts or opinions.
From what I have seen of him he also seems to be pretty reliable.

Multitexture. I intended this to be technologically accurate, but have a made up story.

I am having problems with the sounds. They won’t loop correctly. Oh, well. Hopefully that’s just my computer. And Youtube likes to make the quality pretty bad. :frowning: It looked so much better than that.

you are my freaking hero
thats all i have to say

Looks interesting. Like desert strike. :slight_smile:

this is awesome! It seems like the actual gameplay is done. If that is the case, allow me to offer a helpful critique: The helicopter needs a little bit of flare to make it seem realistic, like leaning while strafing or turning. The only other thing I have noticed that could be improved is maybe increase the radius of the explosion from the missile that targeted the smoke. But even without those, this game is incredible. Keep up the great work!