Homelite 7-29 (Homelite's biggest chainsaw, American Monster Saw)

Here is one old saw from the 1950’s. It’s old but a monster nonetheless! I’m still adding physical, geometric detail to it, and in the end I might as well produce some nice materials for it. For now though, this is it.


It’s looking good so far. Awesome prop for a horror scene. :slight_smile:

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More updates to the bar and so on.

Some more chrome and metallic colors from the Principled BSDF :sunglasses:

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can you show real photo of the real thing to compare model render ?
can you show from close the chain

very nice beginning

have fun
happy bl

For that second image, this would be as close as I could find :slight_smile: I know there are a couple of differences, but I basically left it out so far. We’ll see when I add them :wink:

Here’s a closeup of the monster’s teeth :sunglasses:

how many polys = verts ?

i did a chain like that for a motor cycle WWII

let me know if you want model !

i did not add bevels on that model
but easy to add it

happy bl

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About 32,984 vertices and 18,760 faces for all the entire chain :slight_smile:

Some more progress, and I’ll be honest… the chain is a real pain to get right… have yet to find out how to make each tooth and link get synced perfectly…

More on the big Homelite. Changed the bar (or, switched bar as you would in real life) to approx 40" bar instead of 60". Also raising it a bit.

Thicker bar.

EDIT: Modified vent holes in flywheel cover.

More progress. Better muffler, and the flywheel cover vents is now made into a seperate part than the cover itself.

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Some more on the Homelite 7-29 (or 8-29, doesn’t really matter as they are twin models with minor, internal differences…)

More on the monster. A nice render with all the stats.