Homestar Tea Set

My first completed blender proj in almost a year! :o
The reflection on the table was done manually because envmaps werent very realistic plus I couldn’t get them to blend with the background image. Also there isn’t any “ReflectionOnly” like there is a “ShadowOnly” - unless there is? :-?
I lightened up some shadows on the background in photoshop.
Still- not completely satisfied with the lighting and shading.
Critiques appreciated :slight_smile:

Nicely done. I really like it.

Lighting could be improved slightly, but that is all I can see that really needs to be worked on.

Texturing and materials are really good.

Now, for your reflections, why are you trying to use envmaps when you could just turn on RayMir option and use the raytracer?


Very clever. I like how you put Homsar’s name upsidedown on his mug. It’s most fitting.

I really like it but Strong Bad needs a cup like Homestars hehe.
Strong Bad is my favorite. Its a really unique idea. You should prob send that to Strong Bad email hehe.

Looks good. For the reflection you can make the table a mirror. Here you see how you can do it

Lol, that’s great. I espescialy like how you kept the homestar style.


I tried RayMir- wouldn’t behave for me, the backbuf image wouldn’t come through right, and i tired the ztrans and env buttons, not sure which one was supposed to make it come through… The rest of the objects reflections are RayMir.

cool pic, nice textures.

I really like that… That’s fantastic. I want a Homestar teapot.

hehe, that is cool… I wonder if anyone actually has those in reality… You never know! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaa… that’s funny :smiley: You even figured out how to model a convincing The Cheat! Excellent!
GrYpHoN was right… send it in to the Weekly Fanstuff :wink: