Homeworld 2 skyboxes

I thought I ought to bring this incredible article to you guys’ attention:

Homeworld 2 - Backgrounds

Long story short, the incredible thing is that instead of using a painted skybox, they used vertex color:


The article delves into some detail over the advantages of this system, but I just think this is remarkable, and might just be a great way to create vector-style art too. Anyway, I thought you guys might take inspiration next time to make a skybox.

It kind of takes an artists to do cool stuff though :\ I feel it isn’t worth the work and the number of faces you will have.

Sorry to necro but the number of faces you have are far outweighed by the fact that you don’t have to use a texture sheet at runtime. All the colour data is baked into the verts. This kind of stuff is actually really relevant for mobile games these days.

Wow… practically endless resolution without large texture size. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing

Time for a bpy script that takes an image and converts it into a vertex-mesh.

Edge detect finding corners, followed by some other stuff.
I wish I had the programming knowledge to do it.

Without a script, it could still be done, but you’d have to place the vertex’s manually and then use the bake textures to vertex-colours feature,

Isn’t that something the old radiosity (2.49) can do? I mean it bakes to vertex color.

It’s an option in the new blender as well:

(The mouse has vanished in the screenshot, but it’s on the ‘bake to vertex color’ checkbox)