Honda NAS

Thanks for comments in wip section

Whoa! That is one INSANE job! Great modelling and materials :smiley:

very nice.
luxrender, right?

also, try uploading to imageshack–your images’ bandwidths have been exceeded

Nope, its Yaf(a)Ray :wink:

that is pretty stunning, five stars from me

p.s. can you upload to another site because I can’t actually see the hi-res images

here’s another source:yes:


so friggin’ slick!

Brilliant modelling and materials i cant really fault those aspects of it. Lighting is also nice and clear as well.

However the renders seem to be suffereing from aliasing quite badly, it really does spoil it for me seeing all those jagged edges.

I second everyone’s positive comments. This is really a work of art. The lighting, modeling, subtle variations are just, as what one have said, “beyond awesome”. :slight_smile:


what a ~~~~~~
just top and top~ gallery plz~ amazing pic!!!
I really like your material and lighting~ how to work that out?
5stars from me :slight_smile:

Great, gallery stuff of course.

very nice! 5 stars

Love how you integrated a cool background into the renders.

The model is equally impressive.
Would love to see your attempt at creating a lowpoly version, probably would look equally awesome.

Only crit is the lack of OSA.

Stunning modeling kellyq!

I agree with Lil-n00bie about the aliasing though…it’s the only thing wrong with it.

My freind that is SICK. I really love the front forks. It gives the overall bike a really beefy agressive feel. Nice job!

great work!
the wavy blue background is a nice touch

great work!

5/5 stars :smiley:

hey if u could share your lighting setup and maybee material settings that would be awsome!!!