Honey - Flip Fluids experiments

Me and Colin000b (https://www.instagram.com/colin00b/) tried to create realistic looking honey in Flip Fluids.
Our final attempt ended up looking like this:

The total render time was 127h hours
6k Resolution and 5k samples
Although there still are a few things I would have liked to change in the render we kept our result due to the immense render time.

Our first attempt looked like this however:

Simulation time about 40 minutes
60 frames @ 400 Resolution
Rendered in 8k
Render time 6 hours
1500 samples
If you want to, you can download the 8k version on Shutterstock:

For both versions we used some textures and hdrs from Poliigon.com

I would be very grateful for feedback and if someone uses Flip Fluids as well, your experiences with it :blush: