Hooka Pooka - 1st short film in Eevee

Hooka Pooka

Hooka Pooka is a story about funny and tiny tribal people. They are curious ,loves to explore new things. Where as Jack the Photographer is very keen to photograph the rare bird but in doing so he gets involved in adventurous journey with hooka pooka.

Production : Weybec animation studio ( [email protected] )
Music : Prayag Joshi ( Cadence music,Mumbai )
Sound design & Mix : Satish Solanki Software: Blender 2.8 Eevee

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Very nice! The animation is very fluid and energetic. I saw the Blender conference video about the creation of this film. Very impressive that this film was made in just a few weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very impressive flim, good work to you and your team, good music and animation :smile:

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Yes in around 20 days :tired_face:


Thank you :grin::blush:

nice work !!!

I love it :slight_smile: You’re #featured!

PS: I added a cropped version of the posted to the top of the post as the original didn’t crop well for the featured row. Hope that’s ok!

thats super cool bart :slight_smile: thank you

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Really nice work with animation and it also doubles as an awesome showcase for the EEVEE.:+1:

I first saw this as part of the blender conference talk. Awesome work!

I loved the style which was shared by the “experimental” shorts leading up to this one. The cartoony, exaggerated movements are beautiful. Here are the other shorts they made while trying EEVEE out.

Adventure of TANU
Draguu’s Diary

Here is his talk at the blender conference this year (very interesting):

Journey from Blender Internal to EEVEE

I was fascinated by the rigs and the freedom they offer! I am in the process of learning to rig and animate myself but it seems most tutorials are for rather straightforward characters. I have no idea how you guys supported such extreme mouthshapes for example or made the features free to move around.

Could you elaborate a little on how those things work? If you can link to some resources that explain how to implement such features that would be awesome too. Right now I haven’t been able to find any.


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This film has excellent sound design, creative choreography, good cinematography that doesn’t waste motion, and “a Tax Avery sense of humor.” (It’s hard to do absurdity well … but, you sure did it.)

I think that it worked extremely well to use “cartoon eyes” for the main character – and, generally, not so much the other ones – which makes him very expressive while also being (in my mind) a throw-back to traditional cartoon animation. “This is a cartoon.” The way that the characters moved, and the accompanying sound effects, were “straight Tex Avery,” and I mean this as a very high compliment.

I thought it worked very well to have somewhat-stylized characters acting in sets that were more realistically and lavishly rendered. Of course, it was also a great technical demonstration of Eevee’s speed and power.

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Lovely anim, i wathed it couple days ago. PS have you guys ever thought about adding tutorials or so?

Wow good work man,

This is amazingly beautiful and I love it. Is it to be continued because the ending really left it at that? Otherwise 5 out of 5 stars. :slight_smile:

Nice. Put a little love in your blend :musical_note:.

This is a good animation. Here is the power of eevee! Many animations will be done like this.

good film ı most liked the mushrooms.:mushroom::mushroom::mushroom:

Very nice. Congratulations!!

What a great movie, i saw it on the live stream of the conference. Really loved it…i am going to follow you guys