I’m open to suggestions and ready to make more renders.

looks great,…wish i could make something that good.

wish i had tha in fronta me yestorday… mine broke :confused:

hada do it the old fashion way… a dutch…


hope no one steals yours.

Lol do you people know I’m just 15 :D? I did it because they are beautiful. My father has two hookah’s but he doesn’t use either one :S.

whata waste…

Oh yeah? Well, I’m 12 and I just used mine to blow bubbles! Well, till it got stole.

Having just now found out it was a hookah and not a hooker

Haha cool. I really like the liquid inside the bottom bit, it’s really well done.

I actually didn’t think of making any liquid but it looks great :D.

Looks good. My only criticism is that the metallic part doesn’t stand out all that well against the white background.

If there’s no liquid then what’s making that bubble pattern towards the bottom? At first glance there appears to be a dessrt like scene going on inside.