hooking nails to hand w/ bones

hi blender artists. im currently modeling a hand and ive rigged it up with bones, problem is im trying to join some nails with the hand (different objects) and have them work with bones.

ive tried just parenting the nails to the hand, but they warp with the model; as you can see in the ss (index finger).


how would you go about linking nails to the hand correctly? many thanks :slight_smile:

The deformation is probably caused by envelopes around the finger bones. If you’re using vertex groups or weight paint; just turn off the envelopes.

hmm. it seems after turning envelopes off, the nail refuses to move all together.

O.K. apply a vertex group to each nail named after the bone that you want to move to move it. If the fingers no longer move; then just turn the envelopes back on. It should work properly then.

Ahh, fixed it. i just had to re-asign the nail to the vertex group.

thanks once again!

That’s what this place is for.