Hope: Study After Tarkovsky

Hi everyone,

I am a film student, and I am currently working on a very challenging and ambitious project. This project is a short 3d film titled “Hope: Study after Tarkovsky.” As the name suggests, I am researching Tarkovsky’s unique style, and the medium for this research will be 3d graphics in the ahem Blender Game Engine.

I chose Blender as the tool because, firstly, I have experience modeling meshes, texturing and doing all kind of design. Secondly, this will allow more flexibility provided my very scarce allowance for the project. Thirdly, and most importantly, the film will carry a unique appeal of a video game. If you remember games like Silent Hill, you are aware that the unsophisticated 3d graphics still convey powerful atmosphere. Using low-poly 3d graphics is less demanding in terms of work as we all know. I am also using markless mocap by iPi Soft!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the reason why I brought this up is because I need your help with this project. If not in modeling, I need your feedback and advice. Although, the project goes pretty well, I still have a ton of question of how to streamline this project. This will be greatly appreciated!

Here are few screenshots I want to show off:

So if you are interested in details, please shoot me a private message, or just post here.

Very interesting. You could use cycles and bake the textures for the game engine. That way you could have more photoreal graphics.