Horizon Chasers

Hi there,

Universe: Horizon (my own)

Story: Have they just arrived, or are they just leaving? Who is the guest, who is the host? One thing is clear: everybody wants to be there. Almost.

Software used:

scene assembly / prop modeling: Blender 2.90a
sculpting: Blender / ZBrush [optionally]
rendering: Blender Cycles
clouds models: Terragen Linux
cloud VDB processing: Houdini
terrains BG: Terragen
environment HDRI texture: Terragen
terrains FG/MG: Gaea
texture painting: Affinity Photo / Substance Painter
color correction: Affinity Photo / DaVinci Resolve
posed humans: MakeHuman
photogrammetry: MeshRoom (1 asset - tree)

i9-9900K, 64GB RAM, RTX 2070 (all inside a laptop!)

All models are created by me alone, same goes for textures. The exception are posed humans generated with MakeHuman.

Initially I wanted to render the piece either in Terragen + Blender (FG + PBR models Blender; MG/BG terrains in Terragen; aerial perspective from Terragen), but decided for Blender Cycles.

Submitted to a NWDA Travelers challenge (https://nwdastore.com/challenge/travelers/), won nothing.

Thanks for watching!




I’ll have to check out Terragen. How does it compare with Gaea? You used both here, so I expect they are complimentary rather than direct competitors?

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Terragen is an old shool software for people who like procedural stuff. It’s a scene assembler / renderer mostly, generates the most beautiful clouds. Gaea is a terrain generator, much more powerful and UX-friendly than Terragen (in the aspect of terrains). I suggest you check out a demo if there is one.

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