Horizon-Line for Composition in Viewport? Blender

So, I don’t know what section to post this under, but…

I am wondering if there is an existing option or add-on that will create a stationary horizon-line that will x-ray through objects / appear in the camera view for proper camera positioning?

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Thats a nifty idea, in fact there are composition guides in the camera properties panel (eg. thirds, golden circle triangle etc.) but a horizon would be useful when it gets occluded by your geometry.

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That’s a good proposal of an overlay for workbench engine.

In first try of grid in 2.8, it was made infinite without fading relative to view clipping.
It was really disturbing as a grid. Too many thick lines were overlapping the mesh when horizon was in middle of viewport.

But maybe as an independent line using another color, it would be less disturbing.

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I don’t know if the Code Quest team are looking at this site but try writing up your idea with an example.

If I understand your request, you could create such a horizontal line, resize it, bring it very close to the camera, and then parent it to the camera.

Then, you could assign a simple Transparent BSDF node as the material for that object so it does not render.

Positioned correctly, the line should always appear in alignment with the camera and before all objects.

Any number of guides / shapes could be created in this manner and parented to the camera.

To make such a line, one could use even the default cube, resizing it very small and then transforming it horizontally wide along the X axis.

This method also enables you to move the line / parented object(s) around while maintaining their relative locked positions / rotations with wherever the camera is placed / rotated.

I hope this information helps!

Currently, I am using a method where I create a circle with no fill and set it to display as an x-ray and scale it to 100^2 it’s base size so it’s as close to a “horizon” as I can get. I may try what you are suggesting, I’d just like to have a built-in feature to accomplish this instead of a work around.

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Thanks for the link! I’ll look into it!

Stumbled across this thread looking for a horizon line, below is a screenshot from cinema4d which has this feature, its really great to orient yourself in the viewport if you turn the grid off


Great idea, thanks for sharing!

yes, this would be very handy.

Agree, this would be great for post-production as well.