HorizonQuest - Progress Thread

Hello, I thought I’ll just start a progress thread of the game I’m working on. It’s currently called HorizonQuest, and it is a Fantasy FPS with JRPG gameplay, focusing on boss fights. At the moment it’s in a very early stage, so most of what I have so far are placeholder assets/animations.


i like the smooth movement and the texture, cool start

Its looking very good so far!

Very nice set-up :slight_smile:

awsome! the landscape reminds me of the wolfire game with the fighting rabbits. i cant remember the name of it.

Very cool, though you should zoom the camera in a little bit. it’s a little distorted around the edges.

I disagree I think the FOV is spot on.

This is a great start, everything is really smooth and looks awesome. Despite it being in a “very early stage” the environment/world already has a really cool feel and character to it. Keep up the awesome work!

I second that. Nice work.

I rather liked the vastnes that the landskape hinted. Nice start! Nothing much else to comment right now, but we all hope you’ll show us more soon :slight_smile:

how did you make it so you can reload at any time? i only have it so you can reload when you reach 0

Looks great, @Alan you can just set it up when the R key is pressed assign bullets to 10?

yes, but then how do i make the bullets left in the clip transfer back to how much ammo you have left?