Hornet Gunner WIP

Hello! and thank you for checking in my WIP thread. I started this project for over a year ago and abandoned because it was to hard for me, now I have done some more practice and I started working with this project again. I have now model the creature itself and will now start on the mini gun that have replaced the stinger. I chucked in the concept drawing as well in the image I posted here.


Comments, critiques or ideas is always appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

Very cool! Can’t wait to see the finished model.

Thank you ShadowCamero, either can I!

I`ve got started on the minigun, here is a quick render of what I modeled so far of it, loads of pieces left, and then the challenge to fit it in to the creature waits, but that is later problems.

Peace out!

LOL! Very interesting. Modeling is solid and it looks good so far. I look forward to seeing more progress.

Cheers coolfield7!

I´ve got some more pieces on place for the gun so I thought I would do I quick fitting to see what I have to work with. I now realize, this is gonna be a pain in the butt to pose… But again, problem that is better saved for later. For now, I will keep modeling the gun :slight_smile:

I quick render when I tried place the gun on the hornet.

That’s one mean looking b4stard! :slight_smile:

Looking very cool, I can picture it shaking as it is firing. Do you have plans for the final render? What is it going to shoot at? Ants?

Hehe, cheers mate! I don´t know what it´s gonna shoot at, but I do want to texture it for sure. I am tempted to try to rig it, however I cant rig, would be cool if I could tweak it easy for a cool poses. And if everything goes well I might animate a turntable for him.

I think I will call it quits here for the minigun. Time to start figure out how I will make the ammunition belt. I guess I use array and curve modifiers, I just hope it will work smoothly. Let me know if you have any critiques or ideas for the minigun, or the project over all for that matter :wink:

Peace out!

That’s a very cool idea and I really dig the modelling. Both the organic and the hardsurface modelling look well done. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your nice comment Minoribus!

I am now pretty much done with the modeling I think. have model for a couple of days now so I guess I am getting a little blind of the model. It is now time to get out of my comfort zone and try to texture this, I reckon this will take a little while since this is not my strong side, but something I have to learn, so I look forward to it!

Hope you like it, if not let me know how to improve!


No way I can’t believe your revisiting this!! Man that year flew by!! LOL Anyways looks better than ever, man. I really like the modeling on the hornet itself, and the gun is solid as well. Hoping to see this one finished!

Yeah I know, and I checked, its about one and a half year ago I model the base mesh. speaking of witch, I intended to start to UV unwrap the body mesh, and I saw quite a few flaws in the topology, so I have now decided to retopolo the body again so I can have a decent topology of that to. This means it´s gonna take a little longer for me to make the UV´s, but hey, I get more retopo practice, and that is always fun, or is it? :wink:

Alrighty then! It´s been a while since a updated with renders, I have spend quite a good amount of time on learning texture painting, this is something I never have done before so its been good fun. Making the UV´s was not so fun though :stuck_out_tongue: I will however point out that the texture is far from done and I have just started off with the color map for the body, I will now start painting on the legs before I start adding “dirt” and tone variation on the colors. I will after that go ahead and paint the bump map in blender as well, something I look forward to try out since that will also be the first time for me.
Hope you like it and as always, C&C is always fun and appreciated!

It’s always astonishing how much of a change the appearance of color makes. It changes the whole impression. While - to me - the clay hornet looks a bit tired the colors give a much more vivid impression now. Some dirt and bump will add a lot to it, as you already said.

Good work.

Thanks Minoribus, it sure makes a difference with colors.

And here is an update with some more colors, still not sure how to paint the “front” of him, but I guess I will come up with something. I´m also starting to think about the wings, I´m hoping I´m able to just make a nice shader without UV unwrap them. Anyhow, this is how it looks tonight.

I also wanted to share a little tip I found out that might be useful for some who don´t know. Down in the tool panel you have a button called face selecting masking, this will allow you to make selection from your topology that will mask that selection for you. This is all good and dandy, but I rarely used it cause it was so hard to select the face loops I wanted, but I realized that I could make the selection in edit mode and then go back to texture paint and that selection will now be the mask.