horrible random deformation

I’m trying to extrude a series of vertices and faces through the center of an object so that I don’t have to make the opposite side from scratch. It looks like it should until I rotate the view to find that the extruded vertices are placed horribly wrong. This only happens with this one object as far as I can tell. I can’t even just move the region towards the center of the wheel without major distortion.

This is what it looks like after I rotate to a different view.

how the vertices go WAY over there I don’t know. they should all still be in the center of the wheel.

Thanks for any advice or info. For now I guess I will split and try moving as a separate piece then replace all the faces.

actually I just found out that everything is messed up. what do I do? I have spend literally a month on this making everything exactly to blueprints and now I can’t scale anything, sometimes even move anything… HELP!

Looking at the placement of the selected vertices it seems you used Snap to Face, or something similar. So perhaps you pressed Ctrl while transforming (with snap to face enabled)?

You might have activated retopo under ‘Mesh’ buttons in the ‘Editing’ panel.

yes it’s retopo, you can tell by the way the vertexes are stuck to the surface of the object. unclick retopo.