Horror game demo

Dear companions of blenderartists.org we have a little surprise for you! We are very happy to introduce you our first working demo of our 1st person Horror game project! It’s a small but stable and fully working demo and of course we have to warn you that the game is R-rated, so we are asking you kind friends to give us every sort of feedback you can but especially our underage friends should donwload it on their own risk :slight_smile: Here is the link:


Our hero wakes up in an old and dirty elevator of some wreck building without any memory at all of how he got there… We don’t want to tell you more by now because we want it to be a surprise, we gave our best for the spooky atmosphere and we hope you enjoy it!

You won’t have problems to play the demo, the gameplay is simple enough, just you need some medium pc, for example in a laptop of mine with core duo with 2gb ram and integrated gpu it’s quite laggy but with a bit better system the game runs very smoothly. Please friends, give us any feedback you can, it will be more than wellcome! And hope you like it!

I can’t run it, is it 64-bit only?
If so can you just provide the blend file. Also some screenshots and gameplay footage is always a good idea.

Yep 64 bit 32 bit version coming shortly

Sorry my friend, we are aware of this issue, we’ll provide probably tomorrow the 32-bit version!

nice idea, slow animations :(, at the end i was like what…? haha.
check that fat guys shoulder, that’s not right. Also the game play isn’t smooth for me. loads of frame drops/stutter.

with that said, nice idea/style :slight_smile:

btw it’s kinda cool that you need to activate the object so you can read what key to use, haha.
And after loading you kept me hanging at the controls for a minute or so xD.

Thank you for the feedback cotax :slight_smile: Could you write us at what system did you run it? The animations were intentionally at that speed but we’ll take a look and work more on them. For the fat guy’s shoulder I don’t think we can do something more, it’s low poly so it’s not easy to have everything look smooth. Now about the flashlight thing, as soon as you open the drawer and before you pick it up, the inscription that has the instructions is right on your sight, before you pick up the object, I don’t know if we can try something different to eliminate the possibility somebody picks it up immediately before reading the instructions… We’ll think about it. Have a nice day you all! :slight_smile:

what system did you run it?

QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 965, 3600 MHz (18 x 200)
AMD Radeon HD 7850 (1 GB)
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)

it runs at:
elevator 40-50 fps, in hallway 60 fps but looks like every step or 2 a 3 it needs to load and frames drop to 30-40, causing lots of stutter while walking around.

For the fat guy’s shoulder I don’t think we can do something more

it really looks ugly and mis formed, you should add a few more faces there. It is not about being smooth, but it needs to look like a shoulder right? it looks more like a cut off rock :S

as soon as you open the drawer and before you pick it up

i walked around didnt now what to do, then i came to the lockers hitting keys nothing happend i thought, but when i turned around again it was open, i saw the flashlight, but its to dark to read the note on the back (its black on black lol) so i figured they key on my own, and when i turned it on a saw the note haha.

Here is a video of the demo playthrough!

Well done, very good presentation all throughout.
I can see great potential in this.

excellent graphics but I can’t see shit it’s too dark

<3 <3

***** excellent

you need some gameplay mechanics :slight_smile:

Looks propper ey , Nice man i like the good work keep it up man.

Kind regards